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Products & Supplies

Perkco Supply is fully stocked with pet food & supplies, hardware & tools, heating pellets, fencing & corral panels, hay & straw, seasonal items like ice melt, lawn, garden & landscaping supplies and more!

If you don't see something listed, just ask and we can probably get it for you!

Lawn and Landscape

Potting Soils ● Peat Moss ● Mulch ● Play Sand ● Stone ● Yard & Garden Tools ● Fertilizer & Weed Control ● Grass, Flower & Vegetable Seeds

perkco supply landscaping

Seasonal Needs

Wood Heating Pellets ● Ice Melt ● Bug Repellents & Sprays ● Traps & Critter Control

perkco supply seasonal needs

Animal Supplies

Pet Food ● Toys ● Treats & Supplies ● Hay Bales (round & square) ● Straw Bagged Wood Shavings ● Gates & Corral Panels ● Outside Feeders ● Halters ● Lines & Leads

perkco supply animal supplies
perkco supply tarter
perkco supply rip-o-bec

Hardware and Tools

Hand Tools ● Plumbing, Electrical & Heating Tools & Supplies ● Nails, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Fasteners ● Paints & Painting Supplies

perkco supply hardware tools

Farm Supplies

Baling Twine, Wrap & Netting ● Small Engine Parts & Accessories ● Fencing Supplies & Accessories

perkco supply farm supplies


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Animal Supplies
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